Pros and Cons of Different Fence Materials (Part 1)

A Reputable Fence Contractor Talks about Choosing the Right Material for Your Fence

Besides curb appeal, a well chosen fence can also offer privacy and security to a home. The only problem is that choosing the right fence for your property can pose a real challenge. The biggest question is what type of material you should choose. Here are a few things to consider regarding fence materials before hiring a fence contractor.


Wood fencing has been a national trend among Americans for decades now. It’s true that there is nothing more classic or elegant than a white picket fence surrounding your property. Unfortunately, wood fences have a few drawbacks as well. Perhaps the most important is their proneness to rot and decay.


This is the sturdier, more durable, and long-lasting alternative to wood fencing. Composite wood is a highly appreciated fence material because of its immunity to rot and decay. Furthermore, it is cheaper than most fence materials.

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